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Heras Fence & Barrier Banners
& Jackets/Covers

Heras Fence and Construction Banners & Scrim
Key Uses of Banners for Heras Fences and Crowd Control Barriers

Enhance Security and Visibility with Custom Banners for Heras Fences and Crowd Control Barriers

We understand the importance of security and crowd management at events, construction sites, and public gatherings. That's why we offer a range of custom banners designed specifically for Heras fences and crowd control barriers.

1. Branding and Promotion:
   - Transform plain Heras fences into powerful branding tools. Advertise sponsors, upcoming events, or special promotions during gatherings.

   - Promote your company, event, or message with eye-catching graphics and logos.

   - Boost brand visibility and engagement among event attendees.

2. Site Safety Information:
   - Communicate important safety information to workers and visitors.

   - Clearly define restricted areas and maintain order within the crowd.   -     - Improve safety measures by using banners to direct foot traffic and manage queues.
   - Display warnings, guidelines, and emergency contact details for increased awareness.

3. Wayfinding and Information:

   - Guide crowds efficiently with directional banners.

   - Provide important event information, schedules, and maps for a seamless experience.

4. Aesthetics and Atmosphere:
   - Improve the overall look of construction sites or events with vibrant printed graphics that blend in with natural surroundings.
   - Create a positive atmosphere and enhance the visual appeal of your surroundings.

Bespoke ProductionTailor banners to your specific requirements, including size, colour, design and finish.

Durable Materials - Our banners are made from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and resilience.
Quick Turnaround - We understand the importance of deadlines; our efficient production process ensures timely delivery.

Heras Banner Printing.png

115gsm AirMesh Heras & Crowd Barrier Banners

This lightweight perforated windproof polyester textile fabric is ideal for coverage of Heras fencing and crowd barriers and situations where a large area requires branding.

Heras Fencing Banners:

These can be supplied as individual standard size 3375mm x 1780mm banners or on continuous banner rolls of various lengths up to 50m, any other custom size is also available, please use the calculator on the right.

Crowd Control Barrier Banners:
Supplied as individual banners size 2.2m x 0.9m for standard crowd control barriers or also on continuous banner roll up to 50m, custom sizes also available.

Please contact us for any other custom requirements.

All banners can be supplied unfinished with a straight cut to be fixed directly through the material perforations, or a reinforced hem and eyelets can be applied.

Crowd Barrier Banner Printing

300gsm Mesh PVC Heras & Barrier Banners

Mesh PVC banners are typically for outdoor use in locations where they are fixed to a frame or structure that might be susceptible to windy conditions, such as scaffolding, event stages and temporary structures. The lighter weight but strong 300gsm Mesh is often used for Building Wraps, Heras Fence Banners, Construction Site Banners and Outdoor Event Sponsorship and Branding.
The material is perforated to allow air to pass through without putting stress on the banner fixing points or the structure itself.
Our standard 300gsm mesh banner material is a very strong and lightweight alternative to the more common 340gsm mesh, but is in no way inferior.

The banners are printed full colour, single side and finished with a hem and eyelets as standard with any custom finishes also available. 

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