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Fabric Banner Printing
& Stage Branding

210gsm Display Polyester Fabric:

100% Polyester fabric, mildly elastic and crease resistant. This is a tightly woven opaque fabric that is dye sublimation printed in full colour high-resolution.

This strong material is suitable for many applications such as pop-up banner displays, media walls, exhibition banners, hanging banners and band or stage backdrops.

Because the material doesn't reflect light or glare as much as a standard banner, it is popular for use as photography and indoor stage backdrops.

Stage Branding Fabric Banner Printing

Explore the Versatility of Printed Fabric Banners - Elevate Your Message with Style..

Key Uses of Printed Fabric Banners:

1. Event Branding and Promotion:

  • Make a lasting impression at trade shows, conferences, and corporate events.

  • Showcase your brand, products, or services with vibrant and attention-grabbing fabric banners.

2. Retail Displays:

  • Create visually stunning window displays and in-store promotions.

  • Drive foot traffic and increase sales with enticing fabric banners that reflect your brand identity.

3. Outdoor Advertising:

  • With weather-resistant fabric, our banners are perfect for outdoor promotions.

  • Prominently display your message at festivals, fairs, and outdoor events for maximum visibility.

4. Backdrop for Stage and Events:

  • Set the stage for success with custom fabric banners as backdrops for performances, conferences, and ceremonies.

  • Enhance the atmosphere and professionalism of your event space.

5. Interior Decor and Branding:

  • Transform your office, showroom, or retail space with personalized fabric banners.

  • Reinforce your brand identity and create a cohesive visual experience for clients and employees.

115gsm Outdoor AirMesh Windproof Fabric:

A lightweight weatherproof perforated outdoor fabric mesh which is typically used for Heras fencing or crowd barrier scrim, stage speaker mesh or any occasions where a large lightweight banner is required outside that may be susceptible to windy conditions.

The material is printed single side with approximately 95% print show through on the reverse.

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