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Double Sided Banner Printing

PVC Plastic Free Banner Printing


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Double-sided printed banners are versatile marketing and communication tools that are designed to display content on both sides. This feature makes them effective for various purposes, offering increased visibility and flexibility.

Uses of Double-Sided Printed Banners:

  1. Outdoor Advertising:

    • Double-sided banners are excellent for outdoor advertising, such as on sidewalks, in front of stores, or at events where foot traffic passes from both directions.

  2. Trade Shows and Exhibitions:

    • In trade show booths or exhibition spaces, double-sided banners maximize visibility, ensuring that your message is seen by attendees approaching from any direction.

  3. Event Signage:

    • For events like fairs, festivals, or concerts, double-sided banners can be strategically placed to convey information, directions, or promotions to attendees.

  4. Retail Displays:

    • Retailers often use double-sided banners to promote sales, showcase products, or announce store events, capturing the attention of shoppers both inside and outside the store.

  5. Wayfinding and Directions:

    • Double-sided banners are effective for providing directions or wayfinding information in large venues, parking lots, or campuses where people approach from various angles.

  6. Special Offers and Promotions:

    • Businesses can use double-sided banners to highlight special offers, promotions, or discounts, attracting attention and encouraging customer engagement.

  7. Educational Institutions:

    • Schools and universities may use double-sided banners for campus events, informational signage, or to promote activities where people may be approaching from different directions.

550gsm / 750gsm Blockout Double Sided Banners:

Our extra thick double sided banner material doesn't allow any light or print to pass through to the reverse side, so your message can be seen clearly from either side as intended. 

This is a very strong and durable material that is used for various applications and your artwork can be different on each side.

From just £14.00 per sq. metre including finishes and delivery, we aim to beat any other price.

Turnaround time is typically 4 days with standard delivery included.

  • Genuinely Lowest Prices
  • Custom Sizes & Finishes
  • High Quality Materials
  • High Resolution Print
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Free Delivery
  • Artwork Assistance
  • No Hidden Extras
  • High Volume Capability
  • Supply Across Europe
  • Personal & Efficient Service
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